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  • Full Recovery Program:
    Because recovery/collections is our core business focus, we possess the distinctive talent and knowledge required to detect opportunities of recovery in all 50 states.  Our full recovery program saves you time and resources while maximizing the recovery of monies that will improve your bottom line.  We customize recovery solutions that work best for each individual client.

  • Audit of Open and Closed Files:
    We audit open and closed claims and track all subrogation potential for our client's review.  We also audit claims that may have had recovery potential but no action was taken to preserve the opportunity.  Our team of experts and savvy negotiators are vigilant in finding subrogation prospects and leveraging investigation and arguments to prevail in quick recovery.  Allow us to come in at no charge and take a "Fresh Look" at your closed files to scrutinize for possible recovery.

  • First Notice of Loss [FNOL] Early Detection Program:
    Early detection of potential recovery is critical to ensure the most efficient and strategic investigation.  Our FNOL Early Detection Program helps clients get a head start on the initial report of damages and injury and assists determining the next steps to identify and preserve all subrogation opportunities.

  • Arbitration Filing/Representation: 
    We are members of Arbitration Forums, Inc. to facilitate the resolution of disputes between property and casualty carriers.  Arbitrations are filed electronically for portability, transparency, speed and security.  Our team of experts have extensive experience with the Arbitration process thus writing winning contentions, counter-claims, and deferments.  We guarantee a personal appearance on every case because it's proven to enhance the success of recovery.

  • Litigation Management:
    Some cases warrant litigation. Our team of experts assess cases based on the strength of the evidence, the liability of all parties involved, the venue and jurisdiction, and the applicable statute of limitations which warrant the next step in legal action. Our litigation team works closely in partnership with defense counsel on strategy and tracks, monitors and coordinates recovery efforts based on the most cost-efficient plan of action.

  • Partnership:
    We work in collaboration with your staff on special project needs to help you meet your recovery goals.  We provide seamless training and assistance in all aspects of subrogation to include identification and liability review with no disruption.

Features and Benefits:

  • Specialized talent with knowledge and skills to target and aggressively seek recovery on a variety of claims throughout all 50 states

  • FREE file reviews....Saves you time and eliminates risk

  • Full service / seamless coordination....Minimizes your staff's involvement

  • Pro-active follow up on outstanding and unpaid claims

  • Arbitration filing and personal representation....Winning more than 90% of cases through our comprehensive investigation, detailed documentation and savvy negotiation

  • Responsive support....Addressing any questions or concerns you may have during the collection process

  • Ongoing reporting....Providing you with the status updates and reports you need to manage your business and show results

  • Legal counsel....We secure the expertise required to maximize recovery









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